We offer result-oriented skin care while delivering the ultimate in relaxation. Our skilled estheticians adapt and personalize every skin care treatment to suit your needs and uses the finest skincare line; Salima Skin Solutions.

We are proud to share that we exclusively use products from Salima Skin Solutions™ – a premier range of skin care products that evolved from the founder’s passion for result-oriented, high quality skin care.  Salima Skin Solutions is not only a highly effective skin care line but it is also simple to use.  The products 100% vegan fragrance free and paraben free.  They are also free of alcohol, harmful chemicals and animal cruelty free.

Use of Salima Skin Solutions on a daily basis will result in skin improvements such as evenness, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well as calm or heal acne conditions.  Your skin will feel and look more vibrant, radiant and improve your skins texture.

Message From Salima

“The most rewarding feeling is seeing the transformation of our patients from pre to post-treatment – not only in their appearance, but witnessing their soaring self-confidence. We give our patients the opportunity to actually celebrate the skin you are blessed with.”

The Salima System is comprised of home care products as well as treatments that are performed by a Salima Skin Solutions Specialist. The balance of both approaches provides the best possible outcome for each patient however; the daily home care regiment is responsible for the highest percentage of the results.

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Whether you have oily, acne prone, hyperpigmented, anti-aging, sensitive, dry or combination skin – each of these facials will be beneficial towards your skins needs. Each facial & peel can be further customized to your skin needs.

To get answers to your Frequently Asked Questions please visit Salima Skin Solutions FAQ